We Proudly Recognize Seneca Cayuga Student for Academic Achievement

We love to celebrate notable and meaningful academic achievements. We are so proud to recognize one of our very own Seneca-Cayuga Nation students for their leadership and effort to achieve their vision of success. 

Nine students from Pawhuska Public Schools are being recognized for their acceptance into the 2020 Oklahoma Indian Student Honor Society (OISHS)! The Oklahoma Council for Indian Education (OCIE) honors this prestigious group of students every year. In order to qualify, high school and college students must earn a cumulative GPA of 3.9, demonstrate activity in service or leadership programs, and participate in Indian cultural events or customs.

Avis Ballard, JOM Coordinator for the Osage Nation Education Department, worked with the Pawhuska JOM Parent Committee and Indian Education Interventionist, at Pawhuska Public Schools, in order to select students for nomination in the OISHS. The students listed below are going to receive an OISHS keepsake and award certificate. Graduating seniors will also receive an honor cord to commemorate their academic achievement.

· Kaitlyn Adkins (senior) – Cherokee Nation

· Jozelyn Brace (junior) – Osage Nation

· Shelby Bute (senior) – Seneca- Cayuga Nation

· Easton Kirk (senior) – Cherokee Nation

· Zowie Miles (freshman) – Osage and Citizen Potawatomi

· Jordan Nelson (sophomore) – Iowa Nation

· Madison Quinton (sophomore) – Osage Nation

· Alyssa Reynolds (senior) – Osage Nation

· Gianna Sieke (freshman) – Sac and Fox

The OCIE OISHS Committee sent an email to notify Ballard about the acceptance of these students into the honor society and stated, “Although we had planned to recognize the students’ academic achievement at the 2020 OISHS Induction Ceremony and Reception, we have made the difficult decision to cancel these events in an effort to adhere to the COVID-19 federal and state health and safety guidelines.” The 2020 OISHS Induction Ceremony was scheduled to be held on April 20th at the University of Central Oklahoma in Edmond.


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