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The Seneca-Cayuga Nation is excited to announce that benefits and elder payments are currently being processed and paid as funds are available. The Benefits Department has a large backlog. Please be patient as our staff are working through requests as quickly as possible and in the order that they are received. If you have submitted a request, please do not send a duplicate request as this will only slow the process speed. If you have questions about an existing request, you may email

Current Benefits for Members of the Seneca-Cayuga Nation Include: 

Emergency Funds Up to $500 per year is available to help with rent, house repairs, medical bills, or financial hardship. Call 918-791-6025 for more information.

Hearing Aids Up to $1,400 per year is available to help pay for hearing aids. Call 918-791-6025 for more information.

Optical Benefits Up to $500 is available a year to help pay for eyeglasses or eye exams. Call 918-791-6025 for more information.

Dental Benefits Money is available to help pay for dental treatment, braces, and dentures. Call 918-791-6025 for more information.

The Northeastern Tribal Health System (NTHS) The NTHS is a healthcare system for all native people. Located at 7600 S. HWY 69-A Miami, OK 74354. Call (918) 542-1655 for more information.

Tribal Elder Benefits Up to $2,500 per year is available to those 55 years or older, who have been a member of the Seneca-Cayuga Nation for no less than 20 years. Call 918-791-6025 for more information.

Bereavement Funds Money is available to help pay for funeral and burial expenses. An application must be made within six months of death. Call 918-791-6025 for more information.

Child Care Development Fund Funds are available to help families have access to high-quality child care. The child care program is funded by a federal grant and is limited to those living within 100 miles of Grove, OK. Contact Nikinzie Bowers at 918-787-5452 Ext. 6055.

Youth Fellowship Funds for the 2020-2021 school year have already been dispersed. Applications for the 2021-2022 school year will be accepted in August 2021. $400 is available per student grades Pre K-12 to buy school clothing. Call 918-787-5452 Ext. 6041 for more information.

High School Senior Fellowship Fund Up to $500 is available to help pay for student’s cap, gown, graduation announcements, senior pictures, class ring, ACT/SAT fees, and any other senior-related cost associated with college entry. Applications are due before graduation. Call 918-787-5452 Ext. 6041 for more information.

Education Fellowship Fund Scholarships to pay for higher education expenses are available. These funds can be used to attend an accredited college, university, trade, or vocational training school. These programs are under Michelle Morris at (918) 787-5452 Ext. 6041.

NAHASDA Housing Funds are available for household repairs and rental assistance. This is a federally funded program that has geographic restrictions. Contact Ray Jones at 918-791-6060 for more information.

The Seneca Cayuga Wellness Center The wellness center is a 24-hour fitness facility located at the Nation tribal offices (23701 S 655 Rd, Grove, OK 74344). It is equipped with fitness equipment, showers, and lockers. Call Mike at 918-791-6051 for more information.

Employment The Seneca-Cayuga Nation and Tobacco Company have various job openings throughout the year. Call (918) 787-5452  for Carol Brown Ext. 6036 or Christy Jones Ext. 6037. Grand Lake Casino also has job openings throughout the year. Please contact Tony Gonzalez (918)-786-8528 Ext. 152 or Todd Barnes Ext. 153.

Food Distribution Program The Food Distribution Program is a federally funded effort to provide food to qualifying households within a specific geographic area around Miami, OK. Call (918)542-3443 for more information.

Substance Abuse Program Various substance abuse and mental health treatments are available to tribe members. Call 918-787-5452 Ext. 6045 to make an appointment or for more information.

Tag Office The Seneca-Cayuga Tag Office offers tags to Oklahoma Seneca-Cayuga Members. Call (918) 787-5452 ext. 6027 or 6028 to make an appointment. Registrations are also being handled by phone and mail. 

Elder Nutrition Program Seneca-Cayuga Tribe Members ages 52, along with their spouse, can eat for free at the AOA. Members of other tribes over 60 can eat for free. Anyone can buy a meal for $8. Mealtimes are 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM Monday-Friday. The AOA is located at 23711 S. 655 Road Grove, OK 74344. Call 918-787-5452 ext. 6052 for more information.