It only takes a few minutes with Julie Youngblood to know she has a bright future ahead of her. Ms. Youngblood is a Wyandotte native, proud member of the Seneca-Cayuga Nation (Deer Clan), and recent graduate of Missouri Southern State University. She completed her studies at MSSU with a Bachelor’s in Business Management and Human Resources Management, as well as a minor in Marketing.

Ms. Youngblood currently works as a Behavioral Support Technician at the Arc of the Ozarks. The Arc provides a range of services to support individuals with disabilities and their families. Julie primarily deals with children, particularly those with autism, to ensure they have the tools necessary for a better life.

Eventually, Ms. Youngblood plans to switch fields and put her new degree to work, with her sights set on a management position. Thanks to her strong work ethic, we have no doubts she’ll excel wherever she lands professionally.

Ms. Youngblood and her family are also very involved with the Tribe. Julie even serves as a security guard at Greencorn, an event she hasn’t missed since her birth thanks to her parents. She encourages more Members to attend social events, to be more socially involved with the Tribe. “Greencorn has become a lot bigger, with a lot more people you haven’t seen before… Families visiting for the first time. And that’s awesome.” She said during an interview.

Ms. Youngblood is the first in her family to earn a college degree and only the second to seek additional education after high school (her cousin took vocational classes). Julie credits the college experience with helping to bring her out of her shell more. She learned a lot pursuing her HR degree, from how to prepare for an interview to reading body language.

But perhaps the biggest lesson came from the educational journey itself. “If you push yourself, you can do anything you put your mind to.” It’s this attitude of self-actualization she wants to impart on other SCN Members. “I want people to know that school was very hard for me. I have a reading disability… But you can further yourself. Push yourself to be better than the person before you… Look what I did. You can do it too.”