Amy Nuckolls, of the Northside Turtle Clan, is a proud Wyandotte local who was involved in Seneca-Cayuga traditions at an early age. She is the daughter of Matt Nuckolls and the granddaughter of Jeff and the late Susie Nuckolls, with strong ties to Longhouse and the Longhouse Ways. She and her partner of 11 years have two beautiful daughters together, and hope to instill the same sense of pride in family and the Tribe.

Ms. Nuckolls was elected to the Business Committee in February 2021 and is currently serving as Second Councilperson. While in office, she aims to “bridge the gap between our people and our Business Committee.” She believes the Nation could greatly benefit from “new enterprises, new programs, and new ideas.”

She also hopes to grow our Tribe in all aspects and build us back to being the best in the area. A critical part of this vision is increasing housing options and increasing job availability through economic development. Housing and jobs will allow members to move back to the Seneca-Cayuga Reservation and be part of a thriving local community. Ms. Nuckolls is currently involved in several projects that will make more housing available in the coming year.

As someone raised around, and still attending our ceremonies today, Ms. Nuckolls thinks “it is of major importance that our Business Committee should not only have the economic aspects of the Tribe at heart, but our traditional ‘ways’ as well.”

Ms. Nuckolls spends the majority of her time and energy fulfilling her role on the Business Committee out of a true love for the Tribe. She loves “the good, the bad, and the ugly,” and places great importance on helping our tribe and our members not just succeed, but thrive as well. She views her role on the Business Committee as a privilege and is honored to”stand up and fight for all tribal members’ rights.”

The Second Councilperson also has a passion for tribal member enrollment. Along with the other members of the Business Committee, Ms. Nuckolls has worked to address the enrollment issues, resulting in 321 new tribal members last year alone. She hopes this number only continues to grow in the coming years. With so much economic development on the horizon, growing our tribe is key.

Ms. Nuckolls is excited for what the future holds. She is excited about the more hands-on, transparent and accessible direction of our new Business Committee. And she is excited to “serve with all tribal members’ best interests at heart.”